If you have a dog that pulls massively on the lead, then this is a training session for you. This is NOT suitable for reactive dogs or aggressive dogs. Please contact me or look at my residential and behaviour modification programs if you have those problems.

These sessions take place in, at and around my home in Reading, Berkshire. You have to be able to travel and come to me. You will have to book these sessions at least a week in advance and the booking fee is non refundable. I am only available Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and anywhere between 3 and 8 pm depending on season. 

A lot of people have a preconception about the prong (also called pinch) collar. I can't blame them, it does look a bit like a medieval torture device. Did you know that the prong collar was designed by a veterinarian in Germany because he got upset by all the trachea and larynx damage he saw on dogs from choke collars, flat buckle collars and martingale collars? The horrific "prongs", that most people get so upset about, is the actual safety feature of this device as it distributes any pressure evenly around the dogs neck, rather than at the sensitive trachea and larynx.

During these sessions, (between 2 and 3 hours) we will talk about the prong collar and you'll get to feel yourselves what the collar feels like as we will test it on your arm or on your leg. We'll introduce the collar to your dog and you'll be shown how to use it. There is no reason you can't leave without being able to walk your dog calmly down the street! It doesn't take days, or weeks, or months... we'll help you in a few hours!

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