These programs are designed for the more intense dogs that has some challenging behaviour such as fear, aggression, resource guarding, anxiety, reactivity and/or a bite history. Please note that all prices below include the cost of an E-collar from E-collar Technologies worth £200.00.

6 Week Minor Behaviour Modification program - £2500

This program is suitable for dogs from 6 months and up. There is no upper age limit, so long as your dog is fit and healthy.


This program suits dogs that has some minor behaviour issues such as shyness, leash reactivity, separation anxiety, dog reactivity and/or human reactivity. 

In this program, we naturally provide the same service for your dog as in the Residential Dog Training programs, but we will put more time into helping you as well, the owner. We want you to understand why these issues has developed in your dog so you can successfully prevent them from coming back! We will help you succeed in your own home environment and help you feel empowered and positive about the future with your dog. While your dog is with us in our home, we give the dog structure, guidance and leadership, skills you will need to be successful when the program is over. We make sure that you go home fully equipped with the knowledge, techniques, strategies and the confidence to be successful in your continuing training.

Apart from dealing with your dog's issues, they will also learn the following: 

  • Sit/Stay

  • Down/Stay

  • Place (Go to your bed/mat and stay there)

  • Walking on a loose leash with 'Auto-sit'

  • Duration work 

  • Recall/Come

  • Crate training

  • Able to wait for food

  • Being polite at thresholds

  • All of the obedience commands introduced and conditioned onto the E-collar.

This program has 9 hours worth of private sessions: 

  • 2 hours at drop off where we will assess your dog, discuss your expectations and your homework.

  • 2 hour session at five (5) weeks into the program.

  • 3 hour session at pick up.

  • 1 hour session after 14 days of pickup.

  • 1 hour session after 28 days of pickup.

8 Week Severe behaviour modification program - FROM £3500

Please note that dogs in this program will need to be muzzle trained by you before coming to us. You will be given instructions on how to achieve this and what muzzle to buy by us. 


This is our most intense program and is suitable for the dogs with dangerous behaviours such as dog aggression, human aggression, intense fear behaviour and for those with a bite history. Most dogs who are this intense will take a lot longer before they start to trust us and to be able to work with properly. They will also need a lot more proofing around distractions, hence the longer time. This program is only available on an agreement basis and only after a personal assessment, as it's highly individual. The spaces available for this program are very limited, as we'll have only that dog in for the first few weeks of its training. (Apart from the resident dogs) Please contact us for further information and to book.

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