These programs are designed for dogs that do not have any behavioural issues such as reactivity, resource guarding, aggression, fear, anxiety or have a bite history. Look at our behaviour modification programs for those dogs. Please note that all programs include an E-collar from E-collar Technologies, worth £200.00.

3 or 4 Weeks Residential Training - Obedience and E-collar program - £1500 and £1800 respectively


This program is suitable for dogs from 6 months and up. There is no upper age limit, so long as your dog is fit and healthy.

These are our most popular programs and is an excellent choice for owners who are looking to have a dog that they can be proud of and who is a pleasure to live with. Many owners struggle in today's busy lifestyle to find the time to do all those important repetitions of commands on a daily basis, which is needed to lay the foundation of a good obedience. While your dog is with us, it will develop a calmer state of mind, which will make it easier for you to carry on your training with your dog and develop an amazing relationship.

But we also focus on you, the owner. While your dog is with us in our home we give the dog structure; guidance and leadership, skills you will need to be successful when the program is over. We make sure that you go home fully equipped with the knowledge, techniques, strategies and the confidence to be successful in your continuing training.

In these programs, your dog will learn the following: (All with varying degrees of duration and distraction depending on length of program)

  • Sit/Stay

  • Down/Stay

  • Place (Go to your bed/mat and stay there)

  • Walking on a loose leash next to you with 'Auto-sit'

  • Recall/Come

  • Crate training

  • Able to wait for food

  • Being polite at thresholds/doors

  • All of the obedience commands introduced and conditioned onto the E-collar.

We can also help with minor behaviour issues such as jumping up on people, nipping/mouthing and Counter surfing.

These programs has 6 hours worth of private sessions:

  • 2 hours at drop off where we will assess your dog, discuss your expectations and your homework.

  • 2 hour session at pick up

  • 2 hour follow up within 30 days of pickup, either as one session or two sessions of 60 minutes each

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