GYPSY (2011)

Gypsy on lawn with ball

Gypsy is a German Shepherd cross that we adopted from a rescue in June 2015, and I have to admit that it was love at first sight! She had her issues; she pulled like a freight train and she was terrified of other dogs, even very young puppies. Today she is my main "assistant" here at You And Your Dog, as she is completely non-reactive even towards very aggressive dogs. She is super kind and calm and she has helped quite a few people as well, to get over their fear of dogs.

VALU (2018)

Chechoslovakian Wolfdog - Valu

Valu is a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog who joined us a 9 week old pup in the early days of April 2018. He is a very boisterous young lad who loves nothing more than playing with other dogs. Although still young, he is very confident but calm and gentle with any new dogs that come through our doors and gives them time to get to know him before he plays with them, and even then he is very gentle at first. If the other dog loves a good chase, then he will be more than happy to give them a run for their money! 

In memoriam

KASSIE (2007-2018

Kasse enjoying the sun on lawn
Kassie when she arrived

Kassie was a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix that came to us as a foster for a rescue in October 2016. She was 9 and had been living in a shed all her life, breeding puppies. She was taken to the vets to be PTS but when the vet refused, the rescue stepped in and she came to us. She was terrified of absolutely everything, she had bitten humans and she was terribly underweight. We decided to add her to our family in January 2017. She became a very sweet dog who was good with people but loved other dogs and helped a lot of scared dogs become more comfortable around dogs. Rest in peace beautiful lady, we miss you. 

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