"I cannot recommend Nina & 'You & Your Dog highly enough.

We had a beautiful 2 year old Shar-pei Eddie who we just couldn't trust or control with any confidence. Only direct family could look after him & he could snap or bite anyone else! We'd tried other dog trainers/behaviourists & even dog meditation but with no great improvement.

We'd heard of e-collars & prong collars without too many people being fans of them but when we met Nina for a 2 hour mutual interview we came away being reassured of how she used the 'tools' to train and not punish, even so we felt pretty isolated when we dropped him off for his 8 weeks boot camp....

Throughout the training we had regular phone calls, WhatsApp messages and videos giving us updates off his progress and it was great to see him clearly at home and happy. When we finally got to see him after 7 weeks for our own training with him we couldn't believe the difference in his behaviour. We had a much much calmer dog, the same cheeky personality but he could hear our commands and actually follow them!!

Walking him is now a pleasure and not a struggle/tug of war! That miracle took Nina just 10 days on our other dog Hugo when he joined Eddie for some training too, simply amazing how they now calmly walk to heel, sit & wait on command - we now get so many compliments on their behaviour whilst out."

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"When we first met Nina, we were immediately struck by how friendly and down to earth  she was. It was clear, Nina understood what real-life situations we were up against, and how to develop both us and our Dog Dylan to meet the practical needs of a young family. More over, how passionate she was about our dog and helping us out. We had lived a long time with a real insecure guy in Dylan, which had resulted in some pretty bad episodes and downright dangerous behaviour. 


Nina took Dylan for an intensive behaviour modification stay, and honestly worked wonders. During his time with Nina, he experienced boundaries and rules of course but equal parts respect and love - which I think is probably the best part about Nina and her service. She took our other dog in too, just to make sure she understood the new ground rules ,and state of play. 


He has returned to us Mr Chill. He's an old boy now, but we're positive his last few years with us will be calm, safe and hopefully for him he will maintain his feelings of security with us as Nina so lovingly developed in him. 


Throughout our experience, Nina was professional, hard-working and dedicated to Dylan and us and worked with us tirelessly to ensure we had learnt the new ground rules, and that Dylan was going to be happy returning to us with his new environment and state of mind. 


We couldnt recommend Nina highly enough, she has done an amazing job. Thank you!"


"We cannot recommend Nina enough. She truly is an expert in understanding dog behaviour and the links to your relationship with your dog at core levels.

We have a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (Roux) that has very high prey drive and is very easily aroused; while this can be managed in a town setting we began to struggle with hunting behaviours when we moved to the countryside.


We spent months trying every training method with mixed success but ultimately she had to be kept on a lead at all times when out walking.

We met with Nina who explained very clearly the links between our relationship with our dogs and how it extends to a lot of her behaviours. She explained how she would train our dog and what was required from us in order to allow our dog to make the right choices when near anything she would consider as prey.

After our dog completed Nina's board and train and having worked to Nina's methods over the last couple of months we as a family can enjoy our walks knowing that our dogs safe and are loving the freedom of off leash walks all while being super proud of them when they make the right choices.


We now get complemented regularly on how well behaved our dogs are. The training has extended to all aspects of our day to day life with our dogs and young family, enabling us to enjoy our dogs again.

Thank you so much Nina."


"It took me a while to come across a ‘dog bootcamp’ that I thought to myself ‘yes, this is exactly what Arlo needs’. It is a big deal, well to me it was. And that’s when I came across ‘You and Your Dog’ My not so little puppy going away for four weeks. But all for good reasons.


Arlo, my not so little baby; Dogue De Bordeaux x Rottweiler x St Bernard. So as you can imagine, a lot of dog, still young, absolutely dopey as anything, literally, and still thinks he’s a lap dog...


I first sent an email to You and Your Dog giving as much information as I could about Arlo and what kind of behaviour he displayed which I’d like correcting. Within a day I received an email back. Exciting! 


From the very first email, Nina showed a great interest in Arlo. It wasn’t just a conversation about his current behaviour, it was from ‘Arlo certainly sounds like a whole lot of dog, I would love to see a photo of him’! GREAT! Because who doesn’t like showing off their dog. And I may be biased, but Arlo sure is handsome! 


We then got onto talking about my routine with Arlo during the day and his general behaviour as a whole. ‘I have no doubt that I can help you with all of the problems you've listed, so long as you're willing to work with me and understand that you will have to do some work yourself’ ...GULP. Hoorah. Literally, that’s how I felt once I read that. I was so relieved that I’d found someone who was honest enough to go through absolutely everything with me, in detail, step by step on how we together would be over coming some of the initial behaviours I had listed. Someone who didn’t say that it would only take one session, an hour here or two hours there. She was willing to work with Arlo. And the gulp? Only at the part where I’d have to do some work myself. Purely because I doubted myself. What if I can’t do it? What if he doesn’t listen?"

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"I met Nina 2 years ago when we first got our 8 week old GSD pup Dre. From the minute we met , we knew we would be investing in a long term relationship with her to work with us to nurture a beautiful well mannered, calm, social and bright boy. Which is exactly what he has become with her expertise. Coming from a working dog background in the Armed Forces myself, I had worked with GSD’s, Rottweilers and Dobermans from the age of 12 months and upwards, so knew the importance of care, obedience, training and socialisation, but all of these are obvious.

I had not had the pleasure of building the relationship with a GSD from a young pup before so Nina has been invaluable in helping us learn behavioural training from such a young age. Nina has an overwhelming behavioural knowledge and understands the connection between building a relationship with your dog, she recognises signs from very early stages and works with you to learn and develop with your dog, from any age. Nina has been there when I have collapsed in floods of tears with the roller-coaster of a growing GSD. Dre is not a ‘treat ‘ trained dog. He has no real stimulus for food, in fact its been a journey to get him to eat, Nina is always on hand to suggest alternative things to try. This also meant treat training was very limiting, along with Dre’s tendency to hit the various growth stages ahead of time, he’s a ‘question asker’ but picks things up very quickly. I wanted Dre to grow up a very happy, cheeky soul, with a wonderful nature. A very family social dog who enjoys a chase play with other dogs but understands boundaries and limitations, for his own safety as well as others. Nina’s methods teach your dog, and you. This is so vitally important. She spends the time to help you understand each and every step you will all be taking, and most importantly how you will be taking those steps and why. There is always a trigger behind a behavioural or emotional issue and Nina will find it. I simply can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Nina from a very happy, go lucky and relaxed Dre and an immensely proud owner x"


"When I met Nina for an initial consultation I immediately felt at ease as we discussed my expectations of my dog Alma’s stay. Nina was very organised and professional and listened well and had good ideas of what would help Alma in certain training areas. I knew that she was going to enjoy her stay and most importantly benefit from her stay with Nina. My husband dropped Alma off for her visit and similarly to me really trusted Nina and was incredibly impressed with her dogs behaviour when he arrived and how well they stayed in place and how calm they were. Nina was fantastic right from the early stage of keeping me informed on how Alma was doing and settling in and I really appreciated that as I rarely leave her. Nina made sure to ask me about anything she was unsure about and to me that highlighted the level of care and attention to detail. Throughout Alma’s stay I received wonderful, detailed and informative updates including photos and videos. When I arrived to pick Alma up at the end of her stay I couldn't quite believe what I saw. My dog was calm, relaxed and incredibly happy. She didn’t take her eyes off Nina and looked totally at home there. She was happy to see me but equally as happy to be part of Nina’s family! When we went out to my car Alma stayed at the gate knowing she wasn’t allowed to rush out and was very calm and responsive. Nina provided me with a detailed daily training diary including her observations, areas of focus on and her recommendations which have been very useful. I asked lots of questions and we spent time discussing her visit in detail. Alma is doing so well since her visit to Nina, she is much more responsive and Nina has helped us sharpen up our communication & language. I am so incredibly impressed with Nina and very grateful on how she welcomed Alma into her home so warmly and then did a very thorough job of training her and then relaying to me how i can carry on with her development. I highly recommend Nina for training and am very grateful to her for what she has done for my dog Alma."


"Hi Nina

I have to thank you for taking on Sammi at short notice for me when my regular dog sitter let me down. Sammi is a lively, energetic 3 year old, who sometimes gets her own way. The week she spent with you I have seen a big difference in her, she listens, and is more obedient. On walks Sammi took me for a walk, even though she was good off leash and had good recall, she decided what route we were taking, the week Sammi had with Nina she learned to listen to commands and walk at heel . Walks for me are more enjoyable now. I highly recommend Nina to anyone who needs doggy day care. Your furbaby is in safe hands."

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